Services of the
Radiology practice Philip G. Petry

  • Open MRI scan of the nervous system, spine, abdomen, pelvis, internal organs and joints.
  • Whole-body MRI scan for vascular diagnosis (MRI angiography)
  • MRI examination for cardiac diagnostics (cardiac MRI)
  • Whole-body MRI for skeletal imaging
  • CT examination for cardiac diagnostics (cardiac CT)
  • Special orthopedic diagnostic testing of the joints based on sports medicine
  • Virtual colonoscopy
  • MRI examination for breast cancer screening (MR mammography)
  • MRI examination for prostate gland cancer screening (MRI of the prostate gland)
  • Health check-up using whole-body MRI scanning


On the basis of your personal situation, we create an individual treatment and examination plan. If required, this can be arranged to include other medical fields in consultation with your current doctor and/or other consultant doctors.